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Strona główna Aktualności IJD Genewa - Kurs Letni 1-5.07.2013
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summer course

post licence

Exclusively for persons holding the Jaques-Dalcroze Licence (or equivalent)


Intensive courses from June 28th until June 30th From July 1st :
• Attendance at (I-P) morning classes
• Participation in Master Classes

• Post-licence Improvisation and/or Eurhythmics classes • Participation in afternoon workshops

practical informations

Group I-P: price CHF 750.–
Group I-P students: price CHF 600.– Group post licence : price CHF 1’200.–

Prices are in swiss francs and do not include the banking or postal fees which are at your own expense.

registration deadline : May 31st 2013

bank details :

Banque Cantonale de Genève
Quai de l’Ile 17 - Case postale 2251 - CH-1211 Genève 2 IBAN : CH28 0078 8000 0501 9937 2
to be made payable to
Fondation de l’Institut Jaques-Dalcroze
44 rue de la Terrassière ch - 1207 genève

Total amount must be paid prior to the May 31st 2013 (payment exclusively by bank transfer).

In case of cancellation after May 1st 2013 CHF 100.– will be charged for administration expenses.

Housing arrangements are not included in the registration fee. A list of youth hostels is available from Genève tourisme,
18 rue du mont-blanc - ch-1201 geneva - t +41 22 909 70 00 www.geneve-tourisme.ch

who is this

course for ?


group I: Initiation (beginners)

Participants who are interested in basic dalcroze pedagogy (musicians, teachers, dancers, therapists).

group P: Progressive (advanced)

Participants who wish to develop their skills in eurhythmics, eurhythmics students.



Eurhythmics - solfege - improvisation (I-P) in groups: 1h30 Master class (everybody): 1h30

afternoon (monday-tuesday-thursday-friday)

  • Workshop: instrumental improvisation: 1h15
    Groups will be assigned according to experience in improvisa- tion. Please describe this clearly on the registration form.

  • Application’s workshop
    Please select four workshops, in order of preference,
    eg. D/A/C/B
    2 workshops will be attributed: one for monday and tuesday, and one for thursday and friday

    A : Dalcroze in music education
    B : Dalcroze applied to early years
    C : Dalcroze in the primary school
    D : Dalcroze for seniors and in therapy E : Dalcroze solfege

    afternoon special (wednesday)

    Dalcroze, from practice to theory


    Films, presentation of childrens’class, presentation of seniors’class; near 1h30

    Options: excursion, dinner with all participant


post licence

Friday, June 28th : 2pm-5pm. welcome since 1pm Saturday, June 29th : 9am - 12am and 2pm - 4pm Sunday, June 30th : 9am - 12am
Afternoon: discussions and exchanges Institute will closed at 7pm

summer course

Monday, July 1st : welcome since 8am. From July 1st until July 5th :

Courses 9am-10.30am and 11am-12.30am
Courses 2pm - 3.15pm ad 3.45pm - 5pm
Evening 6pm-7.30pm
allowing changements which will be communicated with the definitive program.


Jean-Marc Aeschimann : ((dipl. sup. ijd) teacher of children’s classes (ijd) and professional classes (HEM). conductor of the choir Arte Musica.

Marie-Laure Bachmann : dipl.sup.IJD), former director and professor of the Dalcroze method.

Gaby Chrismann : (dipl. sup. ijd) teacher of professional classes HEM Geneva and Zürich and seniors classes

Silvia Del Bianco : (dipl. sup. ijd) teacher of professional classes (hem) and director of the ijd Geneva.

Sandra Nash : (dipl. sup. ijd) director of Studies for Dalcroze Australia; Freelance teacher of eurhythmics and piano.

Sylvie Morgenegg : (dipl. sup. ijd) teacher of professional classes and dean of the music and movement department of the HEM.


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brochure and application form (paper)

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